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Corporate Information and Business Overall
Q1. When was the company established?

December 10, 1997.

Q2. When is the general meeting of shareholders?

Every year in May.

Finance and Accounting
Q3. When is the end of your fiscal year?

March 31.

Q4. Where can I find the latest information on your financial position?

Please see our Financial Summary and related documents.

Q5. When will your next release of financial statements take place?

Please see our Investor Relations Calendar.

Q6. Where can I find forecasts of your performance?

Please see our Financial Summary and related documents.

Q7. What is the trading unit of your stock?

One share.

Q8. Do you have a shareholder special benefit plan?

No. We do not have any special benefit plan.

Q9. What is the current price of your stock?

Please see “Stock Price Information (Japanese-language only).”

Q10. What dividends do you pay?

Please see our Financial Summary and related documents.

Group Companies and Affiliates
Q11. How many consolidated subsidiaries do you have?

AMIVOICE THAI CO., LTD. amivoice_thai
Shorthand center Tsukuba Co., Ltd.

Other Areas
Q12. What is your policy on shareholder returns?

Advanced Media has pursued a vigorous program of investment in research and development since its establishment. We have posted net income since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004, but have not yet declared a dividend. We regard shareholder returns as one of the most important issues, and intend to start paying dividends. If our business proceeds according to plan and we continue to post stable profits, our policy will be to consider the logistics of profits to shareholders, striking a balance between the payment of dividends and maintaining our financial position and the investments in research and development activities necessary to ensure the continued growth of our business.

Q13. What are the sources of risk your company faces in its operations?

1: The development of core elements of our speech recognition technology is conducted outside the company.
2: Development of new products and technology. 
3: Developing revolutionary technology.
4: The possibility of competition putting pressure on earnings.
5: Pertinent legal restrictions and trade practices.
6: Intellectual property rights.
7: Changes in the speech recognition market.
8: Fluctuations in business performance and current-term unappropriated losses.
9: Seasonal fluctuations in performance.
10: Non-payment of dividends.
11: Dependence on specific individuals.
12: A small organization.
13: Securing human resources.
14: Grants of preemptive rights.
15: The depreciation period of software assets.

Q14. Where can we get answers to IR-related questions?

Please contact the Public and Investor Relations Office of our Administrative Management Division.

FAQ to each product

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